I am a strong proponent of public education.  I believe in, and will fight for, affordable education options to ensure all South Dakotans have the option to receive the education they deserve.

Veterans Affairs

As a medically retired U.S. Army Paratrooper, I want to protect veteran’s rights and ensure our troops receive the best care for serving their country.


I understand that equality is a right for all South Dakotans and that it must be protected under the law to safeguard our standard of living.

Recommended Reading:

Hollowing Out the Middle: The Rural Brain Drain and What It Means for America

I read this book a couple years back while at South Dakota State University. This book describes the problem of “brain drain” in rural America. This book has been a tremendous resource for me, as well as an eye-opener regarding the damage we do to our state when we push our best and brightest students to move elsewhere. If you would like some insight regarding how South Dakota can grow our state’s economy and what we need to do from loosing our intellectual capital on an annual basis, I strongly recommend this book.

David Hubbard

Religious Freedom

I support religious freedom. I believe all people have the right to their personal religious beliefs. However, freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. I am agnostic.  Some people have told me that being agnostic means I refuse to pick a side. I suppose...

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Gun Rights

As a medically retired U.S. Army Airborne Infantry Paratrooper, I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the people's right to own guns. Having been born and raised in South Dakota, I support our hunting industry. Many of my fondest memories were of going out...

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Identifying the Authors of State Legislation

As a progressive Democrat, I may have a unique view on many issues of our day; however, I am hoping many of you share my positions. When asked this past week regarding my position on the LGBT legislation introduced in the year's legislative session I stated my...

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David Hubbard

David Hubbard

For South Dakota Senate, District 32

David Hubbard

For South Dakota District 32 Senate

David Hubbard was born in Huron, SD and has spent most of his life in South Dakota. David’s father, Robert (Wayne) Hubbard, worked as a meteorologist for the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and David’s mother, Deanna Boetel (Lovett), worked in retail sales and real estate sales.

David attended Iroquois High School and is a recent graduate (Fall 2011) from South Dakota State University, where he studied software engineering and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. David Also studied Advertising Design at Southeast Area Vocational Technical School in Sioux Falls, SD in 1981 – 1982, where he received a graduation certificate.


David was a videographer, director, and editor at KDLT Television, KOTA television, and West River Video Productions. He also served as a member of the United States Army as an Airborne Infantry Paratrooper with the 1/505 Parachute Infantry Regiment until he was medically retired from injuries sustained while performing hazardous duty.

David is running for a senate seat for District 32 in Pennington County. His primary goal is to serve the people of District 32, Pennington County, and the State of South Dakota. David understands that we must all work together in order to build a better future for our citizens, our children, and our grandchildren.

“I promise to be a strong, progressive voice for the people, not special interests who have zero stake in the welfare of our people or state.”