David Hubbard for South Dakota


Death threats made against Dusty Johnson, or anyone, are reprehensible. The divisiveness in our country must stop. We focus too much on our differences rather than the things we have in common.


I complain about politicians all the time. However, I do my best to remain civil. Yes, I get angry and upset over politics, as we do when we are dismayed with the direction of American politics at times. But we do not need to resort to threats of violence.

Many of us have been disappointed in the way politicians have defended Trump when he has acted less than Presidential. Personally, I have never been able to understand how Trump won the Republican nomination to begin with, as his behavior throughout his entire campaign was atrocious. Regardless, I have never wanted Trump dead. I prefer he and others be held accountable for their crimes and uncivil behavior.


While Thune, Rounds, Johnson, and Noem have a great deal to answer for regarding their support of a megalomaniac, I wish them well and hope they make better decisions regarding our state and country. If not, we can always go to the polls to express our disappointment in their leadership.

David Hubbard, Rapid City